Monday, December 31, 2012

Organization on a Dime!

One of my major goals this upcoming year is organization, while also maintaining a very strict budget... two things that don't always go together.  I have been on so many 'pre-made' websites, but they aren't exactly what I want/need, plus if I printed everything just to try it out (and figure out it didn't work), I would spend a small fortune on printer ink!  So, I thought of a way to organize my life, without expensive printer ink or fancy paper, and so far, it seems to be working for me!

What is it?

Simple:  card stock and post-it notes!  Some permanent markers to make the writing pop!

Reasons why it is working:

  1. It is flexible 
    • if I am done with a post-it note, I throw it away 
    • if I have something important that needs immediate attention, I can move it to the top with ease 
    • if I find I need a new category, I can make one, without having to go to my computer 
  2. It is color coded to help me differentiate between categories 
  3. It holds all the major/important things in my head in 4 highly organized pages 
  4. I can easily see what needs to be done/what my goals are, which helps me stay on track 
  5. It is on card stock, so I will be able to use the backing for quite some time 
Total cost: $0 (I had the materials on hand!!)

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