Friday, December 14, 2012

Vegan Crock Pot Meals?

In an effort to be green, cruelty free and keep my footprint small, I have been a vegetarian for almost a decade, and often do a lot of vegan baking.  I try to always use fresh ingredients, avoid pre-packaged materials and make most things from "scratch."  So I wanted to share some of my better vegetarian meals and vegan baking ideas with everyone

While I was at work today, serving a rather questionable crock-pot meal, I began to think of most things that come from a crock-pot... goopey, gelatinous messes that are usually made from pre-packaged materials, high sodium/low nutritional value ingredients, all in the name of "convenience."  

I have decided to make a number of healthy, fresh, vegan crock-pot meals and see how they turn out.  I very rarely follow an exact recipe, so I will try to remember my portions and post here as we go through them!  

(Seeing as it has been well over a week since I have had this idea, I doubt I will get to it before the 'Winter Celebrations' begin... so look back after new years! :) )

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